Real Human Shrunken Heads, Elongated Skulls, Skeletons, Medical Oddities, Wet Specimens & the Macabre for Sale


We specialize in real human oddities and curiosities.

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Please check with your local state and country laws regarding the ownership of human remains. (It is legal in the United States.)

Please note:

These are not reproductions.

These are authentic human remains, and thus need to be treated with Respect, Dignity and Care.

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Authentic Human Oddities For Sale

Dried and Preserved Sliced

Authentic Human Head with Original Skin.

Ex US Medical Lab

Circa 1940’s

Jivaro/Shuar Human Shrunken Head (Tsantsa)

Ecuador, South America

Circa 1910 AD

Elongated Skulls

Tibetan Kapala

Complete Human Skeletons

Shrunken Heads

Egyptian Mummy (Mummified) Hand

Circa 600 BC

New Guinea Tribal Skull

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“Beauty Gone Bad”

We are now the proud agent for an up and coming artist:

“Kol” From Asia.

Art The Macabre

Acrylic on Canvas

All Originals

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Human Medical Specimens

The Eretz Shrunken Head

Ex. Eretz Museum Tel Aviv, Israel

Ex. Private Collection Circa 1942


Published: Faces, Inside and Out